Item Returns and Guarantees
Offering maximum quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers!!!

Pursuant to paragraph 1 of article 10 of Decree Law 24/2014 of 14 February, with the latest changes introduced by Law no. contract concluded at a distance, purchase of goods, within a maximum period of 15 days counting from the day on which the customer or a third party, indicated by the customer, with the exception of the carrier, acquires physical possession of the good, or the last good (in the case of several goods ordered in a single order and delivered separately).
If you wish to terminate the contract, return or exchange an item, you must contact our after-sales service, always using email first, and indicate which item(s) to return, and our services, Within a maximum period of 72 hours, they will inform you of the procedures to be adopted to proceed accordingly, and for this same purpose, you must complete the form, which you can download from the following link (Return Form). You should never return items without prior contact and written authorization from PitShop-Store.
Pursuant to article 12 of Decree-law 24/2014 of 14 February, with the latest changes introduced by Law no. 47/2014, of 28 July, the reimbursement of all payments received, excluding the costs of return of the goods (which are the exclusive responsibility of the customer under the terms of paragraph 2 of article 13 of the same decree-law), as well as the exclusion of costs that exceed normal shipping costs, if the customer has chosen to receiving the order using a more expensive shipping method (which will also be the responsibility of the customer under the terms of paragraph 3 of article 12 of the same decree-law), will be done through a discount voucher applicable to a current account for a discount on a future purchase, within a maximum period of 15 days from the date on which we receive the returned items and examine them, proving their condition and functioning. Fees applied by external entities and service providers, such as IFTHENPAY, PAYPAL, among others, will be deducted and these same fees will be borne by the buyer without the right to any refund.
When returning or exchanging, transport costs will be borne exclusively by the customer.
Please note that the aforementioned refund will only be made upon receipt of the returned item(s), and items returned after 15 days from the date of purchase will only be given a discount voucher to be discounted in a future purchase from our online store and will never be refunded in cash or any other means of payment.

However, we remind you that the customer must preserve the goods in such a way as to be able to return them to the supplier or to the person designated in the contract or carrier, under the appropriate conditions of use, properly packed in the original packaging, with all accessories included and without signs of use or damage, whereby the customer may be held responsible for the depreciation of the good, if the manipulation carried out to inspect the nature, characteristics and functioning of that good exceeds the manipulation that is usually permitted in a commercial establishment, reserving the right to refuse the return if the item shows signs of use and/or damage.

In accordance with no. 1 of article 17 of Decree Law 24/2014 of 14 February, with the latest changes introduced by Law no. 47/2014, of 28 July, we inform you of the Exceptions to the right of free resolution :
• Supply of goods made according to customer specifications or clearly personalized;
• Supply of sealed goods that cannot be returned, for reasons of health protection or hygiene when opened after delivery;
• Supply of goods that, after delivery and by nature, are inseparably mixed with other items;
• Provision of repair or maintenance services to be carried out at the customer's home, at the customer's request (the right of free resolution applies in relation to services provided in addition to those specifically requested by the customer or the supply of goods other than replacement parts essential to carry out maintenance or repair.).
The order is considered accepted if, after receiving the order/products, the Customer does not return the order, nor inform PitShop-Store of their dissatisfaction with the products or, simply, of their desire to terminate the contract, within 15 days subsequent to its reception.
Regarding complaints about products received by the Customer based on defects or other non-conformities (in relation to the characteristics/qualities of the products ordered), the conditions of exercise and the warranty period for the products, provided for in applicable law, apply.
All items can be exchanged or refunded, using a discount voucher in your current account to be used on a future purchase, except those that have been opened or used or that are mentioned otherwise. The exchange or refund request must be made within 15 ( fifteen) days after the date of receipt whenever it is found that they do not correspond to the order on the website.
In the event of an exchange, if the new order has a higher cost, the Buyer will have to pay the difference, attaching payment of the remainder to the exchange request or doing so when collecting the new order.
In the case of a refund request for an item purchased at a reduced price, due to a special offer, PitShop-Store will refund the amount actually paid by the User, in a voucher for a discount on the next purchase, and not the entire amount paid. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed by the User and will always be borne by the User.

In all cases, any exchange or refund request must be sent to our store, sending an email to the store indicating that you will return an item and justifying the return.

No item may be returned without express prior written authorization from PitShop-Store.
To make a return/exchange, you can only do so if the product is in the same condition as it left our warehouse, with no signs of use and perfectly packaged in its original packaging.

To do this, you must perform the following steps:

In all cases, any exchange or refund request must be sent to our store, sending an email to the store in advance indicating that you wish to return an item and justifying the return so that you can obtain authorization from us to sending it.

1st Send the item in the same conditions and packaging in which it was delivered, with no signs of use.

2º If there was a mistake or error on your part in your order and the item you received is not the one you ordered, return the item to us, paying the shipping costs, through CTT or courier, CTT will be the cheapest.

3ºInsert a tab, download it here: (Returns Form), or request it via our contact email, explaining the reason for the return as well as all your personal data so that we can contact you when we receive your return.

When product returns, we will apply a discount voucher for the total paid, except shipping, which may be deducted from future purchases on our website or the item may be exchanged for another, we will not refund money. (For items ordered by the customer in error )

4º Once the item has been received in our warehouse, with prior proof of its condition, we will issue the discount voucher or exchange it for another item by the requested customer. Bearing in mind that transport costs will always be borne by the buyer and never by PitShop. If the item is not in proper condition and shows signs of use, it will be immediately returned to the buyer, with the return having no effect.
In case of returns of products covered by the guarantee or our error in shipping, they will always be resent by one of the transport companies that work with PitShop-Store. Shipping costs will be borne by PitShop-Store, only for items that were sent in error by us, and for other items, exchanges or guarantees, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
To request the return of the item, the customer has 15 days from the date of receipt, calendar days, and the return of the item must not exceed 15 days until it reaches our warehouse.

The customer must always contact us via email to request the sending of their return so that we can analyze the shipping direction to the same, warehouse or store.

If you have any questions after reading this returns policy, please send us an email or contact us by phone.

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturdays: 10:30am to 4:00pm

EMAIL: [email protected]

Telephone: 965569880

Telephone: 234608615

All items benefit from a manufacturer's warranty.
In the case of Pit Bikes and mini-motorcycles, as they are only a non-registerable or legalizable vehicle intended only for use on private properties and short trips - domestic use, they are not a normal consumer good, therefore they only benefit from a Guarantee 24 months for manufacturing defects in engine parts when it complies with the rules and standards stipulated in this "Guarantees" field. Does not include wear parts, namely: Clutch, Speed ​​Box, brake pads, chains, cables, electrics, etc...
The warranty only covers parts/components in isolation and not the respective item in its entirety, that is, if any anomaly is detected, only the part will be sent for replacement or replaced in our workshops and authorized agents, with all assembly costs , labor, which may be directly or indirectly related to the replacement of the faulty part, will be borne by the customer. When it is a more specific anomaly and our workshops or agents cannot resolve it, the item in question will be sent for analysis by the factory. After analyzing and proving that it is a manufacturing problem and that the warranty covers it, the buyer will only have to pay for return shipping from the factory to their address. When it comes to a problem due to misuse, the cost of labor, parts and shipping is borne entirely by the buyer.

The warranty applies to the item when the customer has complied with all required and frequent obligations and revisions noted in the pit bike's service book, and these are carried out on time as they should be. (See service terms and conditions - Guarantees)

In the case of sales “Without Assembly”, Pit Bikes, Minibikes, and Engines, the guarantee is not applicable if there is a breakdown or defect due to poor assembly or adjustment of the equipment. When purchasing a pitbike, minibike, miniquad, scooter or pre-assembled engine, after assembly, the purchaser must communicate to us within 10 days, through photos, the chassis number and engine so that they can be registered in the manufacturer's warranty system, without this the warranty will not be validated and will not be effective.
All equipment is covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty, of 24 Months in the case of an item for domestic use, guaranteed by the respective brands, except for the following items:

-Engines;(15 Days)

- Shock absorbers;(15 Days)

-Suspensions;(15 Days)

In the case of defective products, you must report the same, stating your order number and the description of the malfunction:

- by email, post or telephone, preferably by email.

- prove it with photos, videos and plausible evidence.

All wear-classified components such as: clutches, brake pads, lamps, batteries, tires, spark plugs, gearboxes, gear selectors, etc. are not covered by the warranty. subject to deterioration due to use.

Pit bikes, minibikes and miniquads are not covered by the warranty when they are sent pre-assembled, and defects caused by poor assembly are proven by our workshops and agents and when the duly signed mutual warranty document is not returned.

The costs of returning or collecting items, transport fees, within the Warranty period, will be borne by the Buyer.

If our technicians are available to travel to the buyer's address or another address indicated by the buyer to provide technical assistance, even during the warranty period, the buyer will be charged for travel expenses for the same technicians.

The time for analyzing the item under warranty always depends on the availability of the factory's technicians and can range from 10 to 30 days.

To benefit from the warranty, Pit Bikes, Minibikes, Miniquads and Scooters must have the service book up to date, with all assistance duly carried out on time in our workshops or in workshops authorized by PitShop-Store and fully complying with what is mentioned in mutual guarantee document.

Pitbikes and miniquads must comply with the periodic inspection requirements stipulated in the instruction manual defined by the manufacturer. 6 revisions are mandatory, on the dates stipulated at the time of purchase, to be carried out in our workshops or in workshops authorized by PitShop-Store.

Scooters and mini-motorcycles should always be serviced every 2 months or every 6 months if they are used sparingly. Failure to comply with these rules immediately voids the right to the manufacturer and stand warranty. All Pit Bikes, Minibikes, Miniquads and Scooters that are not assembled by our mechanics have a 30-day warranty against defective engine parts. After 30 days, if the customer wishes to benefit from the 24-month warranty, they must make the first inspection in our workshops and from then on follow the inspection requirements of the manufacturer, always in our workshops or in authorized PitShop-Store workshops.

When purchasing from this website, the customer is aware of and agrees with all terms and conditions described here.


The engine is run-in calmly and moderately, high accelerations should not be carried out and the engine should be pulled too hard. Consuming 2 to 3 tanks of gasoline while driving calmly without pulling the Pit Bike is considered to be well done.

--1st Maintenance/Revision

The 1st inspection/maintenance must be carried out after running in, as described above, never allowing the established time to pass, 2 to 3 spent deposits or 1 month after purchasing the Pit Bike. From then on, the user must comply with the requirements of the service book and carry out mandatory periodic reviews in order to benefit from and maintain the warranty.


Qualidade e garantia são o nosso compromisso, venda e assistência técnica garantida....


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